Window Tint Removal in Santa Clara County

If you are dissatisfied with the tint on your car windows, you may have wondered if there were a way to safely remove it and replace it. At Detail Plus, we provide professional window tint removal, along with a host of other car detailing services. We have been serving the Sunnyvale community for more than 30 years, and our experienced technicians have the knowhow needed to provide your car with safe, thorough, and professional detailing service.

Reasons to Remove Window Tint

As a car owner, there are several reasons why you may not be happy with the tint on your windows. Some of the most common reasons that people decide to have their car window tint professionally removed include:

  • The window tint is beginning to show its age. Car window tint tends to become eroded and deteriorate over time, so it needs to be replaced periodically. If your tint is beginning to bubble or peel, it’s time to remove and replace it.
  • The tint is changing color. This is another sure sign of aging tint, and it means that it’s time to have it taken off your car’s windows by an auto detailing professional.
  • The windows were tinted a certain way when you bought the car, and you want to either remove the tint completely or replace it with a different tint. If the tint on your car’s windows is not blocking enough sunlight, for example, you will want to replace it for your own protection.
  • A citation or “fix-it” ticket can be issued by a law-enforcement officer if the window tinting obscures the driver’s view out of or the officer’s view into the vehicle. If a ticket like this is issued the window tinting must be removed before the citation can be dismissed.

How to Remove Window Tint 

Many car owners assume that they can simply remove window tint themselves using a razor blade or other tool. However, this runs the risk of scratching or otherwise damaging the windows, as well as leaving behind residue from the old tint. When you come to Detail Plus to have your window tint removed in Sunnyvale by an experienced auto detailing technician, you can always be confident that the tint will be taken off without any damage to the windows.

When your vehicle is in need of a touch up, you can visit Detail Plus for all your automobile detailing needs in Santa Clara County. You can either wait for your vehicle to be worked on at our auto shop—where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi—or you can take advantage of our delivery and pickup services.

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