Car Odor Removal in Sunnyvale

Remove Smells from Pets, Tobacco & More

Even after the most thorough interior detailing possible, some vehicles still can have a bad odor. This odor can be caused by many different sources. The most common are: smoking, food spills, pet odors, vomit, etc. These offensive odors can be permanently removed with our overnight Ozone Treatment at Detail Plus in Santa Clara County.

Don’t use an air freshener to mask the scent of pets, tobacco, old food, or anything else leaving a foul odor in your car. Bring your vehicle to our car care professionals at Detail Plus for our detailed odor removal service. With our odor removal service:

  • We use a chemical-free disinfectant called Ozone which we release into the car
  • The odor is not covered up, like it would be if a standard air freshener was used, but is completely eliminated safely and effectively
  • No residue is left in your car
  • Your car is safe to drive right away

We offer free estimates for every customer! Just give us a call at (408) 738-1888 or visit our Santa Clara County auto detail shop during our business hours or book online now.

We offer pick up and drop off services too, and free Wi-Fi if you choose to wait in our shop while your service is completed. We look forward to working for you!

Why Choose Detail Plus

  • Pick Up and Delivery Available
  • We Take Care of Everybody
  • Our Reputation is Our Guarantee
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • We Provide the Highest Quality Service