Interior Auto Detailing in Santa Clara County

A lot of the time, we end up trapped into thinking that auto detailing is defined by body work. It is certainly true that a lot of detail work ends up being about the exterior, but the interior of your car deserves just as much loving care. We can provide that, too.

Detail Plus’s extensive experience means we’re used to providing an array of services focusing on ensuring the interior of your car looks as good as the exterior. This is particularly important for cars with leather seating and other stubborn fabrics.

Generally speaking, the importance of careful fabric maintenance is why so many people look to professionals to handle the job. Using a pro helps reduce the worry of accidentally making a mistake and damaging the interior when cleaning it yourself. We do offer a number of services to get your interior back in shape.

We can provide you and your car with the following (new car smell not included):

  • A complete vacuum of all surfaces, including the mats and the trunk
  • Leather, plastic, and vinyl cleaning and conditioning
  • Steam-cleaned and shampooed carpets and cloth surfaces

These are just some of our most common services, too. Others are available, as well, to keep your car’s interior looking and feeling as new as possible.

Cleaning Car Upholstery

Our cleaning services for leather, plastic, and vinyl upholstery tend to be particularly popular, thanks to their care not necessarily being the widest known skill. Fortunately, we’ve had plenty of experience in their care, which allows us to keep them looking good without any damage.

What makes proper care so important is that it extends the overall life of the fabric and prevents it from experiencing cracking and other issues too soon. We may even have a little advice if you’ve been having particular problems with seating.

We can give fabric seating and floor mats a good cleaning, as well. That will help ensure there aren’t any stubborn scents left sticking around in your car and get it back to looking and smelling clean.

Interior Car Detailing in Sunnyvale, CA

Sometimes you want a little extra touch for your car interior and that’s fine. The focus on exterior detailing often makes people miss out on the potential of tender loving care for the interior of their vehicle. Let us help you in this area; your dashboard, console, and door panels often need attention, too.

Sun bleaching is a particular problem in sunny states such as California, and tends to lead to discolorations inside your vehicle if not properly protected. Replacing or touching up affected areas helps keep your vehicle looking new.

Regular treatments go a long way to preventing that sort of damage. The nice shine doesn’t hurt, either. Combining this service with others is one of our of specials deals to get your car looking great inside and out. Give your car’s interior the TLC it deserves today.

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