Exterior Car Detailing in Santa Clara County

Detail Plus prides itself on a lot of things, but one of the things we are proudest of is our over three decades of service to the community. We’ve been helping those in and around Santa Clara County, keep their cars looking their best for ages. Contact us today at (408) 738-1888 to have your car detailed by our team or book online now.

One thing we do need to clear up, though, is that car detail work isn’t for enthusiasts alone or just for helping fix a problem after a wreck. Detail work—especially exterior detail work—actually covers a lot of services.

For our customers, exterior detailing can mean any and all of the following:

  • A complete hand wash
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Cleaning and polishing wheels
  • Paint polishing and sealing

Some of those sound like everyday things, right? The trick to it is the pride and experience we bring to the work. We also offer other more intensive services, as well. Our goal is to ensure everyone can find something that suits their life and their car’s needs.

But what, exactly, are your car’s needs? Here we’ll tell you about all of our services, not just the most commonplace and obvious ones.

Our Exterior Detailing Services

Everyone knows what it means to hand wash a car. Many of us got to have that experience plenty of times when growing up—and may not have enjoyed it. Hand car washing is still a regular and useful service for ensure a vehicle looks its best. That’s why we offer it!

The catch is that it takes more than a wash and a once over with a car buffer to get the best results. For this reason, we offer clay bar treatments with some of our detail packages. These treatments go a bit beyond standard cleaning.

Detailing clay is a special compound that allows us to lift various contaminants and grit from the surface of auto glass, paint, metal, and other materials commonly used in cars. This allows us to return you car to as close to factory fresh as we can get it while removing annoying buildup that might be missed by other services.

The Beauty of Car Detailing

We all know there’s something special when you slide behind the wheel of a brand-new car. It is an elusive thing many of us try to recapture in various ways. No one wants to constantly replace their car to do it, though.

Proper exterior car detailing can help you feel like you’re seeing your car for the first time again. Those of us at Detail Plus are happy to help you find that special moment again, because we understand how uplifting that feeling us. That’s why we make the effort to bring all that we know to our services.

It doesn’t matter if all you’re looking for is a hand car wash or something more complex. We’ll help your car regain its beauty and be ready to travel with you for years to come.

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