Car Engine Steam Cleaning in Sunnyvale, CA


If you are considering selling your car, you may want to have the engine steam cleaned first to ensure that it is in excellent condition. Steam cleaning your car engine is also a smart idea if you are concerned about possible oil leaks under your hood, as well as other leaks that could lead to a problem. When you are interested in having your vehicle’s engine steam cleaned, the engine experts at Detail Plus will provide you with the services you need. We have been serving the Sunnyvale community and the Santa Clara are since 1981, and we are committed to offering outstanding auto detailing services at fair prices.

Steam Cleaning Your Car’s Engine and Undercarriage

It never occurs to many car owners to have their engine and undercarriage steam cleaned, but it has several possible benefits for your vehicle. There are a number of reasons why you might wish to have your vehicle steam cleaned by an auto detailing professional:

  • By removing residue from your engine and keeping all of its components clean, steam cleaning can potentially help to extend the overall life of your vehicle’s engine.
  • Steam cleaning can also be useful if any of the fluids in your engine are leaking. After the leaks have been found and stopped, a thorough steam cleaning will eliminate the fluids that have leaked into your engine.
  • By getting rid of flammable fluid stains from your engine and undercarriage, steam cleaning can also help to prevent potential engine fires.

Our equipment and ramps allow us to access your car or trucks under carriage and give you the best steam cleaning possible.

  • Find Oil Leaks Fast
  • Clean Salt Residue or anything from your Vehicles under carriage.

If you are selling your car, looking for oil leaks, or simply want your engine to look its best, our Sunnyvale auto detail team at Detail Plus can perform a thorough engine steam cleaning that can have your engine sparkling like new. Our engine cleaning service includes:

  • Hot, pressurized steam combined with a degreaser to remove every trace of grease, oil, or dirt that has built up in your engine
  • Your choice of the top and bottom of the engine only, or the top, bottom and complete undercarriage of the car

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Steam cleaning a car engine is a delicate matter, and it’s important that the procedure be done properly in order to avoid damage to the vehicle. At Detail Plus, our auto detailing team has the equipment necessary to give your vehicle’s engine a safe and thorough cleaning. During the steam cleaning, our technicians will use very hot pressurized water to remove oil, grease, grime, salt residue, and anything else that could harm the functionality of your engine. Depending on what you want, we can steam clean the engine alone or we can use our equipment to clean the entire undercarriage of your vehicle. When you work with our experienced technicians, you can always count on high-quality service.

When you are in need of steam cleaning or another car detailing service in Santa Clara County, it’s time to contact the team at Detail Plus. We also offer a number of discount packages that include multiple detailing services. To reach our auto shop today, call (408) 738-1888 or book online now.

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