• Why Vehicle Maintenance is a Year-Round Responsibility

    When you want to keep your vehicle in top condition, you can’t take time off. You need to give your car or truck the maintenance it requires, which may include car detailing and engine cleaning in Sunnyvale . Staying on a schedule helps you avoid problems, and it keeps your vehicle looking great. On top of that, it improves your safety and ensures that you don’t cause any problems on the road. Continue reading to see why vehicle maintenance really is a year-round responsibility. vehicle - maintenance

    It lets you get ahead of the problem.

    If you want to avoid problems with your vehicle, you’ll need to commit yourself to a proper maintenance schedule. The more regularly you check on your car or truck, the less likely you are to suffer a severe problem that could endanger the health of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers. When you go in for routine car detailing and engine steam cleaning, you can expect to catch up with problems before they catch up with you. This elongates the working life of your vehicle and helps you keep your car on the road for as long as possible.

    It allows you to ride in style.

    No matter what kind of car, truck, or SUV you buy, you want to look good in it. To do this, you need to pay attention to vehicle maintenance. Routine procedures like car detailing and engine cleaning can keep everything looking pristine. Proper vehicle maintenance will make sure that you roll through town in style, but a lack of maintenance can quickly have the opposite effect. Remember to work with your car detailing company if you want to impress other people on the road.

    It helps you stay safe.

    As important as appearances are, safety is always a step above. You can’t depend on a poorly maintained vehicle to be safe for you, your family, and whoever else you might have as a passenger. Only regular maintenance can ensure safety and comfort for you and your passengers, which is why you cannot forget to provide your vehicle with the upkeep it needs.

  • See How Steam Cleaning Can Transform Your Engine

    It’s always nice to pop open the hood and see an engine that looks completely pristine, but that’s not the only reason people look into car engine steam cleaning in Sunnyvale . In addition to making your engine look as pretty as possible, steam cleaning can have practical advantages. Watch this video to see how this type of maintenance can improve and even transform your engine.

    Steam cleaning does away with residues that build up in and on your engine, which in turn gives it a better chance of enjoying a longer working life. Some fluid stains that you might find on your engine or undercarriage may even be flammable, but steam cleaning helps you avoid the danger. You don’t need to commit to a full steam cleaning—you can also choose to clean just the top and bottom of the engine without the undercarriage, so consider your needs.

  • Common Causes of Unpleasant Car Odors

    The more time you spend in your car, the more likely you are to deal with some unpleasant odors. Luckily, you can avoid this issue by knowing what to stay away from. If you are responsible with your pets, tobacco use, and food in your car, you might be less likely to need steam cleaning in Sunnyvale for your ride. Keep reading for a closer look at some of the common causes of unpleasant car odors . car - odor


    Dogs are man’s best friends, so why not bring yours on a road trip? Some people leave Fido behind because they are worried about the odors that he might leave behind, especially because the odors may linger for quite some time. Dogs do indeed have a habit of leaving hair, dander, and a distinct smell on upholstery, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it. Steam cleaning and odor removal services can get rid of the smells that your cat or dog decided to store within your vehicle. This means you can take your pets for a joyride without worrying about dealing with the smells forever.


    Not everyone who smokes cigarettes or cigars does so while driving, but many people do. If you are someone who likes to smoke in the car but doesn’t like dealing with the residual smells, you can always talk to your steam cleaning professional. Vehicle steam cleaning can expunge the leftover smells of your cigarettes, cigars, or cigarillos. This can be particularly helpful if you’re interested in selling your car, as unpleasant odors can turn off potential buyers.


    Most people have indulged in a late night fast food run on at least one occasion, but a spill can serve as a permanent reminder. If you and your friends have a habit of eating in your car, it might be a good idea to look into vehicle steam cleaning. Professional steam cleaning can get rid of the smells, so you won’t have to think about them when you go to work the next day.

  • Should Old Window Tint Be Removed Before Applying New Tint?

    If your car’s current window tint is starting to look warped or damaged, it may be time to schedule window tinting replacement services for your vehicle. Before your technicians can apply new car window tint, however, you will need to remove the old layer of tint. A shop that offers window tint removal near Sunnyvale can prepare your vehicle for your window tinting service.

    There are a couple of reasons why window tint removal is necessary before applying new tint. In order for the fresh coat of tint to properly adhere to your windows, it must be placed onto a clean, glass surface. If you neglect to fully remove your old tint before scheduling a tint replacement, you may find that your new layer of window tint peels off almost right away. To achieve the best results from your window tinting, be sure to visit a window tint removal specialist prior to your procedure.

    tinted - windows

  • Common Signs of Fluid Leaks

    Your car’s engine uses several different types of fluid in order to operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently. When one or more components in your engine spring a fluid leak, the performance of your vehicle could become seriously compromised. Fortunately, engine cleaning can help you identify a minor fluid leak, before it becomes serious. With engine steam cleaning near Sunnyvale , you can get a better picture of the severity and location of fluid leaks in your car. To highlight the benefits of engine steam cleaning, here is a look at some of the most common signs of fluid leaks in your vehicle. fluid - leak

    Strange Odors

    One of the most common signs of a fluid leak in a vehicle is a strange odor that comes from underneath the hood of your car. Transmission fluid, engine oil, and brake fluid all produce unpleasant odors when they start to leak. As leaking fluid hits your hot engine block, it can burn and start to emit a very sulfurous or charred odor. If your car smells like it is burning, you may be facing a significant fluid leak.

    Decreased Performance

    A fluid leak may also affect the overall performance of your engine. When your radiator springs a leak, for example, you may start to find that your engine overheats during longer drives. Motor oil leaks can cause decreased fuel efficiency and poor engine functioning. When you notice a sharp decline in the overall performance of your vehicle, you should check to see whether a fluid leak is to blame.

    Visible Puddles

    Fluid leaks can cause visible puddles to form on your engine or in the area where you park your car. During an engine steam cleaning service, your technicians will thoroughly clean off the surface of your engine. As a result, you will be able to easily and quickly identify any fluid that may be leaking around the interior of your engine. By having your engine steam cleaned, you can catch smaller fluid leaks while they are still easy to repair.

  • Indications of Aging Window Tint

    Fresh window tint can provide your vehicle with increased sun protection and style. If your window tint has started to crack, chip, or fade, however, it may detract from the safety and appearance of your vehicle. A shop that offers window tint removal in Sunnyvale can remove every trace of colored window tint from your vehicle. When you take the time to eliminate old or damaged car window tint, you can restore your vehicle’s overall look and safety. To help you determine when you should visit the detail shop, here is a look at some indications of aging window tint in your car. window - tint

    Peeling or Bubbling

    One of the initial signs that your window tint is starting to age is when you start to notice that it is peeling or bubbling away from the surface of your auto glass. When window tint is freshly installed, it will lie completely flush against the exterior surfaces of your windows. If you neglect to remove your window tint when you begin to notice that it is peeling away, it may start to make an unsightly mess on your car’s exterior.

    Color Changes

    Another way to determine whether your window tint is starting to age is to look at its color. Over time, tint that was initially dark and glossy can start to fade out and lose its original coloration. Your window tint may also lose color at an uneven rate, which will result in light and dark patches across the surface of your glass.

    Inferior Sun Protection

    One of the top reasons why many car owners choose to tint their windows is to provide sun protection for the interior of their cars. In the event that you start to notice that the sun’s rays are beating down into your car while you drive, this could point to the fact that your window tint has started to age. By removing your window tint and replacing it with a freshly applied product, you can improve your car’s solar protection.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Window Tint Removal

    Window tint removal is a task that should be left to the professionals. If you have started to notice that your car window tint is bubbled, cracked, or faded, it may be tempting to try to get rid of the tint materials at home. However, trying to remove your window tint with DIY methods could spell disaster for your auto glass. A company that offers professional window tint removal in Sunnyvale can make sure that your tint is removed safely and effectively.

    There are a few reasons why you should avoid DIY window tint removal. In order to remove your window tint, you will need to use a razorblade or other sharp object. If your hand slips or you are not careful, you could end up seriously scratching and damaging your auto glass. Without professional-grade adhesive remover, you may also find that your windows are covered in sticky adhesive after the initial layer of window tint has been removed. To achieve the best results from your tint removal, you will want to work with a team of professionals.

    tinted - window

  • Signs That It’s Time to Remove Your Window Tint

    Car window tint can be used to protect a vehicle’s interior from the sun and provide additional privacy for its occupants. Over time, however, you may eventually start to notice that your car window tint is no longer in good cosmetic condition. With services from a shop that offers window tint removal in Sunnyvale, you will be able to safely and effectively remove your old window tint. Once you have removed your window tint, you can decide whether or not you want to have a new tint applied to your auto glass. Read on for a look at some of the signs that it’s time to remove your window tint. removing - tint

    Your Tint Shows Signs of Age

    One of the top signs that you need to remove your window tint is that your tint has started to demonstrate its age. After several years or longer, your window tint may begin to bubble, crack, or develop other forms of damage. Old tint may also start to appear discolored. If you can tell that your window tint is getting old, it may be time to have it removed.

    You Desire More or Less Sun Protection

    Window tint should provide you and your passengers with your preferred level of sun protection and shade. If you are starting to find that your current window tint is too dark or light for your needs, it might be time to schedule a removal. After you have your old window tint removed, you will be able to shop around for a new tint that is more appealing to you.

    You Have Received a Ticket or Citation

    In certain areas, it is illegal to have very dark, tinted windows. If you have recently been pulled over and given a citation for your window tint, now is a good time to start thinking about a removal. Once you have taken off your dark tint, you can rest assured that you are not violating your local laws.

  • When Do Window Tints Do More Harm Than Good?

    While window tinting is a common option for drivers who are seeking increased privacy and sun protection, your car’s window tint may actually be affecting the safety of your vehicle. If your car window tint is too dark, it could be affecting your visibility as you drive. In the event that you decide that your window tint is compromising your driving safety, you will want to schedule professional window tint removal in Sunnyvale . To highlight the benefits of window tint removal, here is a look at some situations when window tints do more harm than good. window - tint

    Your Visibility Is Significantly Reduced

    As you are driving, it is very important to make sure that you are able to see clearly out of your car at all times. When your window tint is too dark, your visibility could become compromised. Without the ability to see out of your windshield or rear window, you may be more likely to experience a traffic accident.

    Your Tint Is Beyond the Legal Limit

    To prevent drivers from tinting their windows too darkly, law enforcement agencies throughout the country have implemented strict laws about window tint shades. When your windows are too tinted, police officers will not have a clear view of the inside of your car or its occupants. If you want to avoid a window tint related fine, you may want to have your dark window tint removed by a professional detailing company.

    Your Tint Has Started to Bubble

    Over time, window tint that has not been applied correctly may start to bubble and pull away from the surface of your glass. As your window tint bubbles, it may cause damage to your windshield, side windows, or rear view window. To prevent your window tint from causing damage to the surface of your auto glass, it may be necessary to have it removed by a team of trained technicians.

  • Spare Tire Care Tips

    As with your regular tires, you should check the air in the spare tire. The spare tire is hard to access in SUVs and minivans, which is why every year you should bring your car in for professional car detailing in Sunnyvale . A professional can check the spare tire to ensure that it will function properly if it needs to be used.

    As discussed in the video, the lowering mechanism of the spare tire is a crucial car detail. If the mechanism doesn’t work, you won’t be able to use the tire. Therefore, when you go in for auto detailing, have them check the lowering mechanism to make sure that the spare tire is accessible. That way, you’ll be safe on the road if you suddenly need to change a tire.