• What to Expect from Our Exterior Detail Service

    It’s a good idea to keep the inside of your car clean so that you can be comfortable throughout your ride, but you should also think about exterior car detailing in Sunnyvale . At Detail Plus, we make sure that your vehicle looks as good as it possibly can. Our team puts customer service before anything else, so you can trust that we will get the job done right. If you’re wondering what you should look for when it comes to the aesthetics of your vehicle, keep reading to find out what to expect from our exterior detail service.

    Even if safety and handling are your main concerns, you probably put some thought into the appearance of your car before you drove it out of the lot. You need to make sure to maintain your vehicle if you want to keep it looking the same way, and Detail Plus can help. Our services include paint polishing and sealing, and we can take care of your wheels the same way. We’ll also clean both the inside and outside of your windows, so you can ride in style and confidence.

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  • What to Do When You Get a Fix-It Ticket

    Fix-it tickets are issued when police officers see restricted features or accessories on vehicles that are driving down the road. Dark window tinting is illegal in many areas, and having your windows tinted to a very dark shade may result in you receiving a fix-it ticket from a police officer. With window tint removal services in Sunnyvale, you will be able to comply with your fix-it ticket, while also preserving the quality of your auto glass.

    After you receive a fix-it ticket, your first action should be to contact a local car window tint removal facility. Your tint removal experts can safely take off your dark window tint, without scratching or otherwise harming your windows. If you would like to adjust your tint to a lighter shade that meets police approval, your technicians can also prepare your windows for your new tint procedure. Once your window tint has been taken off, your car will once again be street legal.

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  • Keep Your Windshield Streak-Free

    If the inside of your windshield is streaky and dirty, you may find that it is difficult to see properly at night. In this video, you will receive some helpful tips for keeping streaks off your car’s windshield. To clean up streaks on your windshield, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a sponge. When your best efforts fail to reveal a sparkling windshield, it may be time to schedule car detailing near Sunnyvale .

    With professional car detailing and steam cleaning from a qualified technician, you will be able to restore the clarity and visibility of all of your automotive glass. During your detailing appointment, your technician will take special care to ensure that your windshield is completely clear and free of unsightly streaks.

  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Detail Plus

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it is never too soon to plan ahead for your mom’s special day. If you are looking for a great way to celebrate your mom and all that she does for the family, you may want to consider getting her a certificate for car detailing from Detail Plus . At Detail Plus, we offer holiday gift certificates for engine steam cleaning and car detailing in Sunnyvale. To help you plan ahead for the upcoming holiday, here are some terrific Mother’s Day gift ideas from Detail Plus. car - wash

    Complete Exterior Wash Package

    If your mom normally washes her car at home, you may consider treating her with a Complete Exterior Wash Package from the pros at Detail Plus. This package includes a variety of exterior cleaning services, including a hand wash of the exterior of the vehicle, wheel polishing, window cleaning, and clay bar detailing. After your mom’s Complete Exterior Wash is completed, her car will sparkle like a brand new vehicle.

    Complete Exterior and Interior Reconditioning Package

    In order to go the extra mile and provide your mom with a car that is completely clean, from the inside out, you may want to consider gifting her a certificate for the Complete Exterior and Interior Reconditioning Package from Detail Plus. During this comprehensive service, our team will take the time to completely clean and condition every exterior and interior surface of your mom’s car. Our team of detailing experts will fully clean out every surface of your mom’s car, including the floor mats, trunk, and dashboard.

    Complete Detail and Engine Clean Package

    The Complete Detail and Engine Clean Package is another thoughtful service that you can provide for your mom during the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. Along with cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of your mom’s car, we will also carefully steam clean her vehicle’s engine. Engine steam cleaning is designed to remove gunk and residue, which will help your mother’s car drive more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Are Auto Air Fresheners Safe?

    When you notice an unpleasant aroma wafting through the interior of your car, you may be tempted to treat it using a common household air freshener. However, air fresheners contain VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which can be very harmful to your overall health. Every time you spray an air freshener on the inside of your car, you will be contaminating its indoor air with harmful and toxic chemicals. Rather than using air fresheners to mask bad odors, you may want to schedule professional odor removal and car detailing in Sunnyvale.

    A team of technicians that specializes in steam cleaning and car detailing services can help you eliminate unpleasant car odors using natural methods. You can specifically ask your detailing technicians to use chemical-free products as they are removing odors from your car. By skipping the air fresheners and bringing your car to an auto detailing facility for odor removal, you will be able to breathe easily as you drive.

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  • Are You Making These Common Car Owner Mistakes?

    When you purchase a new car, it is a good idea to educate yourself about the dos and don’ts about proper car care. In this video from Car Throttle, you will learn some essential tips and information that will help you keep your car in great condition. To avoid a collision, it is important to adjust your side mirrors so that you can see your blind spots. A shop that offers car detailing in Sunnyvale can help you restore your car to beautiful condition.

    Along with adjusting your mirrors and scheduling regular car detailing , there are other steps that you can take to maintain your car. Engine cleaning, for example, can help you determine whether your engine has a hidden oil leak. By following these expert car care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

  • Safety Spotlight: Headlight Restoration

    Your headlights provide you with vital visibility as you are driving in nighttime or low light conditions. Over time, your car’s headlights may start to oxidize and show signs of yellowing or cloudiness. To restore the safety of your headlights, you will want to schedule headlight restoration with a shop that provides engine cleaning and car detailing in Sunnyvale. This essential car detailing service can restore the safety of your vehicle.

    During a headlight restoration, your technician will use proven methods to remove yellowing or cloudiness and return your headlights to safe condition. Your technician will carefully polish the surface of your headlight using a specially formulated cleaning product. After your headlight restoration has been completed, you will be amazed at the clarity and brilliance of your car’s headlights. Rather than spending significant amounts of money having your cloudy headlights replaced, you can fully restore them with a quick and easy headlight restoration service.

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  • Window Tint Regulations in California

    When you spend as much time in your car as many Californians do, it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable and safe while you’re on the road. If you do not have car window tint in Sunnyvale , now is the time to outfit your vehicle to give your eyes a rest from annoying glare and brightness. For drivers who already have tinted windows, it is important to understand what the regulations in California are regarding darkness and reflectiveness. Keep reading to learn about the window tint regulations in California. window - tinting


    Window tints are measured based on visible light transmission, or VLT, which refers to what percentage of light is allowed through your windows. If you are driving a sedan, van, or SUV, you can have a non-reflective tint on the uppermost 4 inches of your windshield to minimize brightness from the sun. The windows in the front have to let at least 70% of light in, but the back and rear windows can be tinted as light or as dark as you want. If your front windows are tinted too dark, you should consider window tint removal to make sure your car is in compliance with the regulations. In California, it is not permitted to use amber, red, or blue tints anywhere on your car’s windows.

    Tint Reflection

    The darkness of the tint is not the only thing that is regulated in California. The reflectiveness of car window tint will also play a role in how much light and heat get into your car. For the front and back side windows on your car, van, or SUV, the tint should be only as reflective as a standard window. Window tints that have a higher reflectivity are not permitted under California law. You may have to remove your tint if it is too reflective, or does not otherwise match the regulations of your state. Remember that these laws are subject to interpretation in your county, so be sure to check with your window tinting shop to make sure you are obeying the law.

  • What to Do About Common Car Odors

    Bad odors in your car can create an unpleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. If an air freshener is not powerful enough to remove the smells coming from the inside of your vehicle, it may be time to set up car detailing near Sunnyvale. Using steam cleaning and other car detailing techniques , your detail technicians will be able to address your bad car odors at the source. To help you solve the mystery of what is making your car smell bad, here is a look at what to do about some of the most common car odors. car - odors

    Musty Smells

    Musty smells are often caused by excess moisture and water on the interior of a car. While some musty odors may be caused by spilled liquids, others may be the result of a loose chassis or other mechanical issue. To treat a musty smell in your car, you can apply a very diluted bleach and water solution to the damp area. Water that contains a tiny amount of bleach can eliminate the molecules that are causing the bad odor.

    Rotten Food Odors

    If you and your family members like to eat in the car, it is essential to clean up food messes right away. For parents of young children, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when food has been spilled in the backseat. To eliminate rotten food odors, you will need to find and remove the expired food item. Teaching children proper eating habits in the car can also help to prevent rotten food odors before they start.

    Unusual Burning Smells

    Certain odors require the attention of a car maintenance professional. If you have started to notice unusual burning smells while you drive, your vehicle may have a fluid leak. A mechanic can fix your leak and ensure that fluids are not dripping onto your engine as you are driving. Engines that contain significant amounts of debris or spilled fluids may be eligible for a car engine cleaning service.

  • What Exactly Is Auto Detailing?

    Car detailing is a complex procedure that takes considerable time and effort. In this video, you will get a look at every step of the car detailing process. During a detail service, your technician will wash and wax your car’s exterior and clean and polish your wheels. Your detail technician will also take the time to condition your seats and upholstery and thoroughly vacuum out your car. To get the most from your car detailing, you may want to bring your vehicle to a facility that also offers engine steam cleaning near Sunnyvale.

    From steam cleaning to engine cleaning and more, your detailing facility can provide you with the services that are required to restore your vehicle to peak condition. By trusting your detail to a team of experts, you can rest assured that your car will be cleaned to perfection.