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Winterize Your Car Before Temperatures Drop

Detailed Red CarDetailed Red CarWhile winter temperatures in California and the surrounding states might never reach the depths found elsewhere in the country experience, you should still take steps to safeguard your vehicle against the coming winter weather. Winterizing is an essential component of car ownership; one everyone should take seriously. While it certainly applies to how your car looks, there’s a host of maintenance tasks vital to the survival of your automobile once the temperature drops. Whether you’re in Sunnyvale, CA or the Northern part of the state, right on the Colorado or Oregon border, treat your right car, and it will return the favor. For car detailing in Sunnyvale, CA, you can trust Detail Plus.

How to Winterize Your Trusted Vehicle

Snow and ice aren’t the only byproducts of winter. Lower temperatures – even those in the 50s – can impact your vehicle’s performance and erode the detailing and paint. Winter also brings less predictable weather conditions, making certain tasks all the more critical for car owners. Detail Plus is known throughout Sunnyvale and the surrounding communities for superior detailing work, post-accident, and otherwise, but we want you to be prepared for winter, which extends beyond your paint job. Before temperatures job, do the following:

Get Your Tires Checked

You should know how old your tires are, but if you don’t, find out. One way to tell whether you require new tires is to perform a visual inspection of the tire tread. You need excellent tread to navigate the streets when it rains due to how little it rains in Southern California and the amount of dirt and grime that turns into mud. One easy way to tell: Put a penny into your tire tread with Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can still see his head, your tread is worn.

Keep the Tire Pressure Full

Colder temperatures cause your tire pressure to fall, so regularly checking the pressure is a must. On the inside of your driver’s side door, you can find a manufacturer-recommended PSI level. Use a tire pressure gauge to determine whether the pressure is below the recommended PSI level.

Maintain the Integrity of Your Battery

Batteries don’t last forever. When they age and begin to erode, their ability to stand up to cold temperatures is compromised. Therefore, Detail Plus highly recommends all car owners whose batteries are more than three years old visit a technician to test the battery. If it needs to be replaced, do so.

Check the Antifreeze Mixture in Your Engine

Keeping up with fluid levels is a crucial part of owning a car. When it comes to winter, antifreeze plays a starring role. Therefore, all vehicle owners should make sure their coolant level is correct in advance of the winter, even if winters are mild in their region.

Get an Oil Change

We don’t necessarily recommend pre-empting the recommended period between oil changes if you’re winterizing. Still, if you’re due for one during winter, it might not be a terrible idea to get an oil change before, not during winter.

If You Drive Into Snowy Areas, Get Snow Tires

There are skiing enthusiasts everywhere. If you’re one of them, chances are you’ve traveled to the slopes in Colorado, Utah, and Eastern California. In that case, you’ll want to purchase a set of snow tires. They’re what they sound like; tires designed to handle significant accumulations of snowfall.

Pack an Emergency Kit, if Needed

Along those same lines, pack an emergency kit if you frequently travel to snowy regions. The package should include a window scraper and brush, plus kitty litter for getting out of snow or slush, and a spare hat and gloves for warmth.

Purchase New Wiper Blades

Numerous manufacturers make special wiper blades for winter. Go to your local automotive store and pick up a pair. They’ll handle snow, sleet, and rain better than their spring and summer counterparts.

Get Your Car Waxed and Detailed

Lastly, Detail Plus is a respected car detailing company. Before winter strikes, visit our shop and get your car waxed and detailed. Doing so protects the paint on your vehicle and keeps it looking great. Preventative measures like this also protect the car for corrosive elements and prevent rust from forming.

Contact Detail Plus to Schedule a Detailing Appointment

Detail Plus handles a broad spectrum of car detailing procedures for auto owners throughout Sunnyvale, CA. We’re experienced in helping customers recover from car accidents and make stunning cosmetic improvements to the vehicles they drive each day. You can trust us for exterior and interior detailing, engine steam cleaning, dent removal, paint touchups, and more. As a benefit, our team offers discount car detailing packages to all of our customers. To learn more about Detail Plus and our offerings, contact us today. You can make an appointment and make your car look better than the day you bought it.

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