• The Benefits of Steam Cleaning for Your Car’s Engine and Undercarriage

    You may remember to check your fluids to see if they’re still healthy, keep your tires inflated to the proper level, and have your brakes looked at if something feels off, but have you considered engine cleaning in Sunnyvale? Car engine steam cleaning comes with a host of benefits for your vehicle, and you can continue to reap them for a long time to come. A clean engine will last longer, and it will be less likely to suffer a fire. You can mention this steam cleaning session to someone who may purchase your car in the future, increasing its resale value as well. Here’s a little bit more about the benefits.

    Make Your Engine Last Longer

    A long-lasting engine will keep your car on the road, and there are steps you can take to extend the working lifespan of both your engine and your vehicle. Going in for car engine steam cleaning means getting rid of contaminants and stray fluids. A clean engine performs better and lasts longer, which means you get more for your money. Sometimes other fluids leak into the engine, which can cause a range of problems, but engine cleaning does away with them. Take note that you’ll still need to find the source of the leak and repair it in order to get it to stop.

    Protect Yourself from Engine Fires

    Stains are typically a cosmetic issue, but this is clearly not the case in a component of the vehicle that you don’t typically see. If your engine or undercarriage has fluid stains, both may become more flammable. You can reduce the risk of an engine fire by asking your specialist about car engine steam cleaning. Flammable fluid stains put your vehicle and yourself at unnecessary risk, so consider engine steam cleaning to prevent a catastrophe.

    Increase Its Resale Value

    When you go to buy a used vehicle, you want to know how well it’s been cared for. You can increase the resale value of yours with the occasional engine cleaning. The buyer will recognize that you went out of your way to take care of the vehicle.

  • Exploring Some of the Most Common Causes of Car Dents

    Minor dents aren’t such a big deal to some people. If your car is your pride and joy, on the other hand, they could be a much bigger problem. Professional car detailing in Sunnyvale can pop out the dents so your car looks good as new, but it’s good to know why they might happen in the first place. Cars and trucks are typically dented due to collisions with other vehicles or objects, incidents that happen in the parking lot, and innocent accidents that occur right in your driveway. Read ahead and explore some of the most common causes of car dents, and then head to Detail Plus for minor car dent removal.


    It’s rare that you get out of a car collision without any damage to your vehicle at all. In the worst case your car may be totaled, but even in the best case you may come out with some kind of dent, scratch, or blemish on your paint job. If you’re in a serious collision, you’ll likely need to see your mechanic. After a fender bender, you might be able to deal with the repairs with some minor car detailing. Don’t try to deal with the dents by yourself when you can have the car detailing pros take care of them.

    Parking Lot Incidents

    The more you care about your vehicle, the harder it is to leave it out of your sight. Everyone has errands to run, so if you want to avoid dents, park in a far corner of the parking lot. It’s easy for shopping carts to roll into parked cars while the drivers are inside shopping, especially on a windy day. It’s just as easy for people to open their car doors into yours regardless of the weather. Avoid parking under trees so you can also avoid the risk of acorns and other debris dropping onto your vehicle.


    If your kids like to play basketball or street hockey in your driveway, it’s best to park your car inside your garage. The basketball can easily bounce back and hit one of the side mirrors, or the hockey puck could deflect and put a dent in your door.

  • Old Window Tint Is a Major Eyesore

    Bubbled, cracking, and peeling window tint does nothing for your vehicle’s appearance. In fact, old window tint can dramatically reduce your car’s aesthetic appeal, no matter what the rest of it looks like. Besides being an eyesore, old window tint may no longer provide you with the light blocking effect that you’re looking for, and it may also make driving dangerous if it reduces your ability to see out your windows. To help keep your car looking its best and avoid citations for driving with an obscured view, consider taking advantage of window tint removal in San Jose at Detail Plus sooner rather than later.

    Removing your aging car window tint can offer your vehicle an instant facelift, as well as make driving safer. Additionally, replacing your old tint with a newer variety can have several advantages. For example, updated window tinting can drastically enhance the look of your car as well as improve your comfort while driving. Finally, some newer types of car window tint use UV protective film, which can help reduce your UV exposure and keep your car cooler under the summer sun.

  • These Things Can Damage Your Car’s Paint!

    Among the common reasons why people bring their vehicles in for car detailing in San Jose are chips, scratches, and other forms of paint damage. Your car’s paint helps protect the body from moisture and rust, plus it helps keep your vehicle looking sleek and well-maintained. Watch this video to learn about some of the things that can leave your car’s paint in need of a touch up, and then bring your car down to Detail Plus for service.

    Be on the lookout for these 7 hazards that can damage your vehicle’s paint:

    • Splattered bugs
    • Spilled fuel
    • Bird droppings
    • Stone chips
    • Fingerprints
    • Ash
    • Dirty washing accessories

    You can help protect your vehicle’s paint from damage caused by bugs and bird droppings, as well as keep it looking its best, by bringing your vehicle in for professional exterior car detailing and paint touch ups at your local auto body shop.