Are Auto Air Fresheners Safe?

Air Freshener

When you notice an unpleasant aroma wafting through the interior of your car, you may be tempted to treat it using a common household air freshener. However, air fresheners contain VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which can be very harmful to your overall health. Every time you spray an air freshener on the inside of your car, you will be contaminating its indoor air with harmful and toxic chemicals. Rather than using air fresheners to mask bad odors, you may want to schedule professional odor removal and car detailing in Sunnyvale.

A team of technicians that specializes in steam cleaning and car detailing services can help you eliminate unpleasant car odors using natural methods. You can specifically ask your detailing technicians to use chemical-free products as they are removing odors from your car. By skipping the air fresheners and bringing your car to an auto detailing facility for odor removal, you will be able to breathe easily as you drive.

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