• Common Signs of Fluid Leaks

    Your car’s engine uses several different types of fluid in order to operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently. When one or more components in your engine spring a fluid leak, the performance of your vehicle could become seriously compromised. Fortunately, engine cleaning can help you identify a minor fluid leak, before it becomes serious. With engine steam cleaning near Sunnyvale , you can get a better picture of the severity and location of fluid leaks in your car. To highlight the benefits of engine steam cleaning, here is a look at some of the most common signs of fluid leaks in your vehicle. fluid - leak

    Strange Odors

    One of the most common signs of a fluid leak in a vehicle is a strange odor that comes from underneath the hood of your car. Transmission fluid, engine oil, and brake fluid all produce unpleasant odors when they start to leak. As leaking fluid hits your hot engine block, it can burn and start to emit a very sulfurous or charred odor. If your car smells like it is burning, you may be facing a significant fluid leak.

    Decreased Performance

    A fluid leak may also affect the overall performance of your engine. When your radiator springs a leak, for example, you may start to find that your engine overheats during longer drives. Motor oil leaks can cause decreased fuel efficiency and poor engine functioning. When you notice a sharp decline in the overall performance of your vehicle, you should check to see whether a fluid leak is to blame.

    Visible Puddles

    Fluid leaks can cause visible puddles to form on your engine or in the area where you park your car. During an engine steam cleaning service, your technicians will thoroughly clean off the surface of your engine. As a result, you will be able to easily and quickly identify any fluid that may be leaking around the interior of your engine. By having your engine steam cleaned, you can catch smaller fluid leaks while they are still easy to repair.

  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Detail Plus

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it is never too soon to plan ahead for your mom’s special day. If you are looking for a great way to celebrate your mom and all that she does for the family, you may want to consider getting her a certificate for car detailing from Detail Plus . At Detail Plus, we offer holiday gift certificates for engine steam cleaning and car detailing in Sunnyvale. To help you plan ahead for the upcoming holiday, here are some terrific Mother’s Day gift ideas from Detail Plus. car - wash

    Complete Exterior Wash Package

    If your mom normally washes her car at home, you may consider treating her with a Complete Exterior Wash Package from the pros at Detail Plus. This package includes a variety of exterior cleaning services, including a hand wash of the exterior of the vehicle, wheel polishing, window cleaning, and clay bar detailing. After your mom’s Complete Exterior Wash is completed, her car will sparkle like a brand new vehicle.

    Complete Exterior and Interior Reconditioning Package

    In order to go the extra mile and provide your mom with a car that is completely clean, from the inside out, you may want to consider gifting her a certificate for the Complete Exterior and Interior Reconditioning Package from Detail Plus. During this comprehensive service, our team will take the time to completely clean and condition every exterior and interior surface of your mom’s car. Our team of detailing experts will fully clean out every surface of your mom’s car, including the floor mats, trunk, and dashboard.

    Complete Detail and Engine Clean Package

    The Complete Detail and Engine Clean Package is another thoughtful service that you can provide for your mom during the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday. Along with cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces of your mom’s car, we will also carefully steam clean her vehicle’s engine. Engine steam cleaning is designed to remove gunk and residue, which will help your mother’s car drive more smoothly and efficiently.

  • Are Auto Air Fresheners Safe?

    When you notice an unpleasant aroma wafting through the interior of your car, you may be tempted to treat it using a common household air freshener. However, air fresheners contain VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, which can be very harmful to your overall health. Every time you spray an air freshener on the inside of your car, you will be contaminating its indoor air with harmful and toxic chemicals. Rather than using air fresheners to mask bad odors, you may want to schedule professional odor removal and car detailing in Sunnyvale.

    A team of technicians that specializes in steam cleaning and car detailing services can help you eliminate unpleasant car odors using natural methods. You can specifically ask your detailing technicians to use chemical-free products as they are removing odors from your car. By skipping the air fresheners and bringing your car to an auto detailing facility for odor removal, you will be able to breathe easily as you drive.

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