Spotlight on Engine Steam Cleaning Services at Detail Plus

Car Engine

If you are looking for an effective way to make sure that your car stays on the road for as long as possible, you may want to consider scheduling engine steam cleaning services. At Detail Plus, we are proud to offer top rated engine steam cleaning in Sunnyvale. When you bring your car to our car detailing facility for an engine steam clean, we will use our powerful pressure washers to eliminate every trace of dirt and grime from your car’s engine. Read on for an overview of the benefits that engine steam cleaning from Detail Plus has to offer you. engine - cleaning

Extend Lifespan of Your Engine

Your car’s engine is one of its most critical internal components. As you drive, your engine will naturally start to get coated in dirt, grime, and other types of debris. Allowing residue to sit on the surface of your engine could cause its parts to wear out more quickly. Setting up routine engine steam cleaning services will help you to keep your engine running for as long as possible.

Eliminate Spilled Fluids

After you have repaired a fluid leak in your engine, you will want to bring your vehicle to Detail Plus for engine steam cleaning. After your mechanic cleans up spilled fluids from the surface of your engine, there may be traces of the fluids left behind. With engine steam cleaning, you can get rid of spilled fluids and return your engine to peak operating condition.

Prevent Engine Fires

An engine fire can be a seriously scary experience for any driver. One potential cause of an engine fire is when flammable fluids are allowed to dry on the surface components of your engine. If these flammable fluids are exposed to high temperatures, they may spontaneously ignite. Your engine steam cleaning technician will take special care to make sure that all hazardous materials have been eliminated from your engine’s surface. After your steam cleaning is complete, you will be able to drive with confidence.

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