Indications of Aging Window Tint

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Fresh window tint can provide your vehicle with increased sun protection and style. If your window tint has started to crack, chip, or fade, however, it may detract from the safety and appearance of your vehicle. A shop that offers window tint removal in Sunnyvale can remove every trace of colored window tint from your vehicle. When you take the time to eliminate old or damaged car window tint, you can restore your vehicle’s overall look and safety. To help you determine when you should visit the detail shop, here is a look at some indications of aging window tint in your car. window - tint

Peeling or Bubbling

One of the initial signs that your window tint is starting to age is when you start to notice that it is peeling or bubbling away from the surface of your auto glass. When window tint is freshly installed, it will lie completely flush against the exterior surfaces of your windows. If you neglect to remove your window tint when you begin to notice that it is peeling away, it may start to make an unsightly mess on your car’s exterior.

Color Changes

Another way to determine whether your window tint is starting to age is to look at its color. Over time, tint that was initially dark and glossy can start to fade out and lose its original coloration. Your window tint may also lose color at an uneven rate, which will result in light and dark patches across the surface of your glass.

Inferior Sun Protection

One of the top reasons why many car owners choose to tint their windows is to provide sun protection for the interior of their cars. In the event that you start to notice that the sun’s rays are beating down into your car while you drive, this could point to the fact that your window tint has started to age. By removing your window tint and replacing it with a freshly applied product, you can improve your car’s solar protection.

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