Keep Your Car Looking Great with a Paint Touch-Up

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Dents, scratches, and dings can dramatically affect the overall appearance of your car. If you feel self-conscious about a car that has some minor paint flaws, you may want to ask your car detailing team about the possibility of having your paint touched up. A shop that offers car detailing in Sunnyvale can easily touch up small areas of damage when you bring your car in for steam cleaning or exterior detailing services.

Typically, a paint touch-up will be included as a free part of your overall detailing appointment. Before you bring your car to the auto detail shop, you will want to pick up a can of touch-up paint from your local auto parts store. To find the right paint for your vehicle, you can find the paint color code that is located in your owner’s manual. After you have brought your paint to the detail shop, your technicians can quickly and easily fix any minor areas of damage.

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