Common Causes of Damage to Your Car’s Paint

Washing Car with a Cloth

Your car’s paint job is designed to protect its metal structure from corroding and experiencing other forms of damage over time. When your car’s paint shows signs of scratches or wear, your vehicle could be suffering from both cosmetic and structural damage. A company that offers engine cleaning and car detailing in Sunnyvale can help you keep your car’s paint in pristine condition. With professional car detailing, you will be able to remove minor scratches from the surface of your car’s paint. Read on for an overview of some of the most common causes of damage to your car’s paint. car - detailing


UV rays from the sun are among the most common causes of damage to a car’s paint job. If you leave your car parked out in the sun for hours or days at a time, sunlight may be slowly wearing away at its painted exterior. To prevent sun damage to your car’s paint, it is a good idea to park in the shade whenever it is available.

Tree Sap

The trees throughout your neighborhood could also be contributing to paint damage around the surface of your car. When tree sap is allowed to drip onto automotive paint, it could strip away the exterior protective surface layer. In the event that you find tree sap on your car’s paint, you will want to bring your vehicle to a professional detail shop. Your detailing team can remove the sap without causing further damage to your car.

Dirty Cleaning Cloths

Your car’s paint can actually become damaged while it is getting cleaned. Dirty cleaning cloths that contain dust, dirt, or other forms of contaminants can scratch and otherwise compromise your exterior paint. To avoid damage that is caused by dirty cleaning cloths, you will want to bring your car to a reputable shop whenever you have it detailed. Your detailing professionals will use clean, fresh rags when wiping down the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

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