What to Do About Common Car Odors

Cleaning Car Seat

Bad odors in your car can create an unpleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. If an air freshener is not powerful enough to remove the smells coming from the inside of your vehicle, it may be time to set up car detailing near Sunnyvale. Using steam cleaning and other car detailing techniques , your detail technicians will be able to address your bad car odors at the source. To help you solve the mystery of what is making your car smell bad, here is a look at what to do about some of the most common car odors. car - odors

Musty Smells

Musty smells are often caused by excess moisture and water on the interior of a car. While some musty odors may be caused by spilled liquids, others may be the result of a loose chassis or other mechanical issue. To treat a musty smell in your car, you can apply a very diluted bleach and water solution to the damp area. Water that contains a tiny amount of bleach can eliminate the molecules that are causing the bad odor.

Rotten Food Odors

If you and your family members like to eat in the car, it is essential to clean up food messes right away. For parents of young children, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when food has been spilled in the backseat. To eliminate rotten food odors, you will need to find and remove the expired food item. Teaching children proper eating habits in the car can also help to prevent rotten food odors before they start.

Unusual Burning Smells

Certain odors require the attention of a car maintenance professional. If you have started to notice unusual burning smells while you drive, your vehicle may have a fluid leak. A mechanic can fix your leak and ensure that fluids are not dripping onto your engine as you are driving. Engines that contain significant amounts of debris or spilled fluids may be eligible for a car engine cleaning service.

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