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Vacuuming Car

Maintaining a clean car is an essential part of preserving the value and appeal of your vehicle. In order to achieve the deepest possible clean in your car, bring your vehicle to a facility offering car detailing near Sunnyvale . With professional engine steam cleaning and car detailing services, you will restore your vehicle to like-new condition. At Detail Plus, we are thrilled to offer savings packages for our returning customers. Here is a look at our detail packages and the benefits of choosing our fantastic renewal savings plan. clean - car

Complete External Clean

When you are seeking a budget-friendly detail option for your car, you may want to check out our Complete External Clean package. This package includes a thorough hand wash from one of our skilled technicians, as well as polishing, paint sealing, and a clay bar treatment. Our team will take the time to detail your wheels, trim, and tires. Your Complete External service will be finished with a vacuuming of the interior of your vehicle.

Complete Detail and Engine Clean

Whether your car is in need of some serious attention, or you are preparing to sell your vehicle, you may want to check out our Complete Detail and Engine Clean package. Your Complete Detail and Engine Clean package will include all of the services that are offered with the Complete External Clean service, and our technicians will also pay special attention to the interior condition of your car. This service also includes engine steam cleaning, which can help extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

6 Month Renewal Services

Our 6 month renewal services will provide you with terrific discounts on the Complete External Clean or Complete Detail and Engine Clean packages. By signing up for our renewal service, you will commit to bringing your vehicle back in 6 months for a maintenance appointment. Each renewal service provides you with a $75 dollar discount on the total cost of the cleaning package.

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