The Steps of Professional Vehicle Detailing

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Keeping a clean and well organized car can completely transform your daily drives. If you are seeking the deepest possible clean for your vehicle, it is a fantastic idea to schedule auto detailing services. A professional auto detailer in Sunnyvale will take the time to thoroughly clean your vehicle, from the inside out. From car buffing to interior detailing and more, your team of auto detail experts will help your car achieve the highest level of clean. To help you know what to expect from your auto detailing, here is a look at some of the key steps in the process.


Wash and Dry

The first step of exterior detailing is to wash and dry the vehicle. In order to achieve the deepest clean possible, your team may choose to wash your car by hand. A hand washing procedure will allow your auto detailers to remove any dust or dirt, without running the risk of damaging the paint. Once the car has been dried by hand, the rest of the auto detailing procedure can take place.

Clean With Clay

Some auto detail shops use clay bars to clean key surface around the exterior of the vehicle. For example, clay can be used to polish the headlights, taillights, and wheels. Once the clay has been applied, it will be carefully wiped clean. Once the clay has been fully removed, the exterior surfaces of the car will be restored to a beautiful, new car shine.

Vacuum and Shampoo

Once all of the exterior surfaces of the vehicle have been effectively cleaned, it’s time to clean the interior of the car. A car’s interior can become dirty and clogged with dust, debris, and other unsightly materials. Using a special vacuum, your detailer can completely remove any dirt from the inside of your car. If your car’s interior is particularly dirty, it may also be necessary to shampoo the floor mats and upholstered surfaces.

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