A Look at What to Expect from a Professional Car Wash

Buffing Hood of Car

When you take your vehicle to a professional car wash to get it cleaned, you should receive a number of services. A professional car wash in Sunnyvale should leave the exterior of your vehicle, including your wheel wells, tires, and trim, looking like new, and your vehicle’s paint should be protected when you drive off the car wash’s lot. Check out some specific services that you should receive during a professional car wash below.


Hand Washing

There are many car washes that will advertise a professional car wash and then run your vehicle through an automated cleaning system. These types of systems may make your vehicle look clean for a day or two, but they won’t ultimately provide your car with the attention that it needs. During a professional car wash, your vehicle should be washed by hand. A high-end car wash will take the time to clean each and every inch of the exterior of your car before moving on to the next step.

Clay Bar Treatment

After a professional car washer washes your vehicle by hand, there will probably still be some blemishes on the outside of your car. Soap and water will not remove acid rain spots, brake dust, swirls and scratches, and other imperfections in the exterior of your car. To get rid of these blemishes, a professional car wash will use a clay bar treatment. Auto detailing clay is an engineered resin compound that is designed to take care of the marks that are left behind after a vehicle is hand washed.

Polish and Paint Sealant

Once the exterior of your vehicle has been cleaned, a professional car wash should polish the paint on the outside of your car and seal it with a paint sealant that will protect it.

Wheel Well, Tire, Trim, and Window Treatments

During a professional car wash, special attention should be paid to a vehicle’s wheel wells, tires, trim, and windows. The interior of the vehicle should also be vacuumed thoroughly. Everything should be spotless by the time that a car’s keys are handed back over to its owner.

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