What Happens to Headlights over Time

Car Cloth Cleaning

One of the most vital components of auto safety is a fully functioning pair of headlights. Unfortunately, headlights can get dulled, tinted, or damaged in numerous way through repeated exposure to water and rough elements. Luckily, there are auto detailing facilities serving Sunnyvale where you can go for professional car buffing and other work on your headlight shields.

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As a car gets exposed to rain and drizzle, the water can take its toll on the surface appearance. The process known as oxidization occurs when the properties of metal frames bleed onto the surface of glass due to repeated water exposure. On headlight shields, oxidization is dangerous because it makes your headlights less visible to pedestrians and oncoming motorists. When oxidization becomes noticeable, it’s time for professional car detailing work on your headlights.


When glass is subject to persistent water exposure, its surface is liable to get cloudy. If your car endures months of heavy downpour each year, this dulling effect could possibly do a number on your headlight shields. As with oxidization, cloudy headlights can compromise the safety of your car by making it less visible to opposing traffic at night and during heavy rainstorms.


Another sign of wear on the headlight shields is yellowing, where the glass loses its clarity and becomes tinted. If the problem advances, your lights could be confusing to other motorists, who generally expect headlights to be clear white. Yellowed headlights are not to be confused with fog lights, which appear underneath on certain cars.

Scratches and Cracks

As a car gets exposed to the elements of harsh weather and rugged terrain, chances are it will take its share of abuse. Headlight shields are among the more vulnerable car parts for this sort of abuse, because the glass can get scratched or cracked by anything from falling pine cones to kicked up gravel. The removal of cracks is an essential part of auto detailing.

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