• Why You Should Be Steam Cleaning Your Engine?

    There’s no telling what a car might be exposed to when left parked outside for any length of time. Whether it’s due to harsh weather, localized infestations, or neighborhood litter, the underside of a vehicle could potentially be compromised by salt, shards of glass, stray animals, lingering road crew chemicals, and various other dangers. Therefore, engine steam cleaning is a vital part of car care. Engine steam cleaning isn’t something that everyone thinks about as a maintenance requirement, but it can help your vehicle in many ways.

    Many folks don’t even know what the point of engine steam cleaning is or why people have it done. It can be a helpful way to locate and diagnose problems with your vehicle, and it can be especially effective if you’re planning on selling your car or truck. Keep reading for detailed reasons for why you should be steam cleaning your engine and how to steam clean an engine.


     Smoother, Safer Rides

    Car engines are a magnet for all sorts of grease and grime, but professional engine cleaning services can get your vehicle’s inner workings looking like new again. By getting rid of flammable buildup, your car will have a reduced risk of engine fires. Vehicle fires can be deadly for drivers and passengers. They also place the safety of others on the roadway at risk. When an engine catches on fire, the shock of the event can cause even an experienced driver to panic. Swerving or hitting the brakes abruptly on a busy freeway can cause a multi-car accident.

    Additionally, getting your car engine steam cleaned by a professional allows you to easily detect where fluid leaks are coming from. You might not have even noticed a fluid leak if there’s too much grime under the hood. Getting minor issues repaired before they turn into major problems just might prevent your car from experiencing a malfunction in the middle of rush hour traffic.

    Early Problem Detection

    During the course of your ownership of a given car, routine vehicle detailing will ensure that oil leaks are spotted before they spread too far. Using steam-pressured degreasers, detailers eliminate gunk buildup in the nooks of the engine. Steam cleaning is not something to delay; money can be saved sooner than later by having engine problems detected early, before they spiral out of hand and lead to costly repairs. By undergoing these services, your engine will look revitalized and feel like new again.

    Eliminate Spilled Fluids

    After you have repaired a fluid leak in your engine, you will want to bring your vehicle to Detail Plus for engine steam cleaning. After your mechanic cleans up spilled fluids from the surface of your engine, there may be traces of the fluids left behind. With engine steam cleaning, you can get rid of spilled fluids and return your engine to peak operating condition.

    Prevent Engine Fires

    An engine fire can be a seriously scary experience for any driver. One potential cause of an engine fire is when flammable fluids are allowed to dry on the surface components of your engine. If these flammable fluids are exposed to high temperatures, they may spontaneously ignite. Your engine steam cleaning technician will take special care to make sure that all hazardous materials have been eliminated from your engine’s surface. After your steam cleaning is complete, you will be able to drive with confidence.

    Increased Car Value

    Steam cleaning will also make your car more robust when you take it for its next emissions test. Furthermore, steam cleaning boosts the resale value of your car when it’s time to trade up for something new. If you have a spare car that you’re planning to give to someone in your family, its performance will be better ensured with an engine steam clean. Regardless of a car’s make or model, steam cleaning is a surefire way to revitalize its running capabilities and add years to its lifespan. Saying goodbye to an old vehicle can make a person nostalgic, but a big check can certainly help. Get the most value for your vehicle by getting it maintained and detailed before you put it up for sale. After a thorough engine cleaning, potential buyers will be impressed when they pop the hood for a closer inspection—and they’ll be more willing to pay top dollar.

    FAQ About Engine Steam Cleaning

    What does it clean?

    The purpose of engine steam cleaning is to clean up both your engine and your undercarriage. Unnecessary residues can hinder the working life of your car or truck, but engine steam cleaning can solve the problem. This kind of attention can help keep the vehicle on the road for years to come. The procedure can be particularly helpful when it comes to salt residue that builds up on the undercarriage of the vehicle. In fact, engine steam cleaning can even provide you with more safety by doing away with fluid stains that could potentially lead to fires.

    Can it help find leaks?

    When you seek out engine steam cleaning, you want to make sure you’re working with a team that knows what it’s doing. Proper engine steam cleaning should help you find any existing oil leaks, which can save you from a great deal of trouble down the line. This kind of treatment can point out just about any kind of fluid leak you might have, and the steam cleaning process will clear out any fluids that have leaked into your engine. For this reason, engine steam cleaning is a great idea if you plan on selling your vehicle.

    When should I seek engine steam cleaning?

    If you’re going to sell your car or truck, you’re going to want to make it as appealing as possible. Engine steam cleaning can help you do this, and it can bring real benefits to potential buyers. In addition to making your vehicle run more smoothly, an engine steam cleaning will have your car or truck looking its best.


    How to Steam Clean Your Engine

    In this video, you will take a look at the process of engine steam cleaning, as well as the benefits that it has to offer for your vehicle. To prepare your engine for steam cleaning, your technician will cover up its delicate electrical components. Next, a powerful steam cleaning tool is used to wash dirt and debris off the surface of your engine. If you have never considered engine steam cleaning for your car, now is the time to book an appointment at your car detailing shop. Your engine cleaning experts will have the tools needed to safely steam clean your engine and restore its overall performance.

    At Detail Plus, we are proud to offer top-rated engine steam cleaning in Sunnyvale. When you bring your car to our car detailing facility for an engine steam clean, we will use our powerful pressure washers to eliminate every trace of dirt and grime from your car’s engine. Give us a call today if you’re in Sunnyvale and need your engine steam cleaned or for all your detailing needs.

  • What Happens to Headlights over Time

    One of the most vital components of auto safety is a fully functioning pair of headlights. Unfortunately, headlights can get dulled, tinted, or damaged in numerous way through repeated exposure to water and rough elements. Luckily, there are auto detailing facilities serving Sunnyvale where you can go for professional car buffing and other work on your headlight shields.

    auto detailing facilities


    As a car gets exposed to rain and drizzle, the water can take its toll on the surface appearance. The process known as oxidization occurs when the properties of metal frames bleed onto the surface of glass due to repeated water exposure. On headlight shields, oxidization is dangerous because it makes your headlights less visible to pedestrians and oncoming motorists. When oxidization becomes noticeable, it’s time for professional car detailing work on your headlights.


    When glass is subject to persistent water exposure, its surface is liable to get cloudy. If your car endures months of heavy downpour each year, this dulling effect could possibly do a number on your headlight shields. As with oxidization, cloudy headlights can compromise the safety of your car by making it less visible to opposing traffic at night and during heavy rainstorms.


    Another sign of wear on the headlight shields is yellowing, where the glass loses its clarity and becomes tinted. If the problem advances, your lights could be confusing to other motorists, who generally expect headlights to be clear white. Yellowed headlights are not to be confused with fog lights, which appear underneath on certain cars.

    Scratches and Cracks

    As a car gets exposed to the elements of harsh weather and rugged terrain, chances are it will take its share of abuse. Headlight shields are among the more vulnerable car parts for this sort of abuse, because the glass can get scratched or cracked by anything from falling pine cones to kicked up gravel. The removal of cracks is an essential part of auto detailing.

  • Spare Tire Care Tips

    As with your regular tires, you should check the air in the spare tire. The spare tire is hard to access in SUVs and minivans, which is why every year you should bring your car in for professional car detailing in Sunnyvale . A professional can check the spare tire to ensure that it will function properly if it needs to be used.

    As discussed in the video, the lowering mechanism of the spare tire is a crucial car detail. If the mechanism doesn’t work, you won’t be able to use the tire. Therefore, when you go in for auto detailing, have them check the lowering mechanism to make sure that the spare tire is accessible. That way, you’ll be safe on the road if you suddenly need to change a tire.

  • How to Check Your Tires Before Driving

    When you notice a tire going flat, you know that there’s a problem on your hands. The trouble is, a lot of people are unable to tell when a tire is losing air. In many cases, it’s a subtle process that might not be readily apparent if you’re not routinely checking the tire pressure. This can be a costly oversight, which makes tire care a crucial part of auto detailing. By taking your car regularly to a professional auto detailer in Sunnyvale , you can avoid these tire problems.

    Checking the tire pressure on a regular basis will make your tires last longer and also help you get more mileage per gallon. With the pressure set just right, there’s little risk of sidewall flexing and other hazards. Furthermore, proper tire pressure boosts the traction, responsiveness, and stability of your tires. With one trip to a car detail service, tire care can be performed in a few short minutes.

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