Tire Maintenance Tips

Car Detailing Information

The cosmetic aspects of your car are important, and your professional auto detailer in Sunnyvale can help you tend to them. The functional aspects are even more important, however, so take a look at your tires next time you bring your vehicle in for a full service car wash. Watch this video for a few helpful tire maintenance tips.

Of all the systems and components involved in your car, your tires are the only elements that actually make contact with the road. If you want to enjoy comfortable and safe maneuvering, it’s important that you keep them all in top shape. Check your tire pressure on a monthly basis, especially if you have a big trip coming up. Look in your owner’s manual to learn the ideal pressure for your tires, and do what you can to keep them at that level. This will extend their lifespan and even help you save on gas.

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