Get Rid of These Common Smells with Vehicle Odor Removal Services!

Car Air Freshener

The human body has a way of adapting to its environment; while this is beneficial in countless different ways, it can prevent you from recognizing your vehicle odor until it becomes overwhelming. Once the aroma has breached the threshold, it is wise to bring your vehicle in for car odor removal near Sunnyvale. People tend to try all sorts of quick fixes, but there is no substitute for the auto spa day that your car really needs. Smoke, food, and pets: Get rid of these common smells with vehicle odor removal services.

Vehicle Odor Removal


From air fresheners and aerosol cleaners to a simple crack of the window, people often try many different types of makeshift remedies before they actually bring their rides in for car odor removal. While these methods may mask the scent of last night’s pizza or your secret cigarette, they will not do much to actually remove the odor. Vehicle odor removal services such as those offered at Detail Plus use strong but chemical-free disinfectants to absorb and remove the agents that cause the unpleasant aroma . Instead of smelling a mixture of spilt Chinese food and your evergreen air freshener, you will smell the fully cleaned interior of your car.

Safe Driving

You might be wary of a disinfectant that magically removes odor from your car, and those who are particularly conscious about health and environment may be especially concerned. Rest assured, however, that the disinfectant that Detail Plus uses is free of chemicals and completely safe. Ozone, the non-chemical disinfectant, will not leave any residue behind; if you want to take Fido for a ride the next day, you can go right ahead.

Proper Maintenance

After vehicle odor removal services, the auto detailing pros will send you on your way in a freshly cleaned car; keeping the car in this condition is up to you. Try to avoid the circumstances that led to the foul aromas in the first place. Avoid smoking, eating, or drinking beverages other than water in your car. If the smell creeps up again, head to the pros before hanging an air freshener.

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