[INFOGRAPHIC] The Car Owner’s Guide to Detailing

The Car Owner's Guide to Detailing

Many drivers think that getting their car washed and getting it detailed means the same thing. In reality, detailing is a much more comprehensive cleaning service that solves a range of issues in your car that can’t be handled through simple washing alone. While a car wash may improve the cosmetic appearance of your car, only auto detailing can provide extended protection of your car’s paint, leather interior, and carpets. Detailing can include exterior and interior car cleaning, car buffing and wax polish, car odor removal, and much more, depending on your specific needs. Find out how investing in detailing can help extend the life of your car in this infographic from Detail Plus . Choose one of our comprehensive packages when you need auto detailing in Sunnyvale to improve your car’s appearance and performance. Please help other drivers by sharing this helpful car maintenance advice.


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