• [INFOGRAPHIC] The Car Owner’s Guide to Detailing

    Many drivers think that getting their car washed and getting it detailed means the same thing. In reality, detailing is a much more comprehensive cleaning service that solves a range of issues in your car that can’t be handled through simple washing alone. While a car wash may improve the cosmetic appearance of your car, only auto detailing can provide extended protection of your car’s paint, leather interior, and carpets. Detailing can include exterior and interior car cleaning, car buffing and wax polish, car odor removal, and much more, depending on your specific needs. Find out how investing in detailing can help extend the life of your car in this infographic from Detail Plus . Choose one of our comprehensive packages when you need auto detailing in Sunnyvale to improve your car’s appearance and performance. Please help other drivers by sharing this helpful car maintenance advice.


  • Why You Should Leave Window Tint Removal to the Professionals

    Window tint is designed to keep your car cool, comfortable, and safe, even on the hottest days of the year. While fresh window tint can dramatically improve the look of your vehicle, old or peeling window tint may become an eyesore. When you are planning on removing your window tint, you should bring your car to a shop offering auto detailing serving Sunnyvale . With the help of a professional auto detailer at an auto spa, you will be able to completely remove all traces of your old tint. If you are wondering whether you are in need of services from an auto detailing company, here is a look at why you should leave window tint removal to the professionals. Car wrapping specialist

    Prevent Filmy Residue

    One of the main problems that you may occur when you attempt to remove your window tint on your own is a layer of filmy residue that is left behind by your tint. While the top layer of window tint may come off easily, typically a stubborn second layer will be left behind. By bringing your car to an auto detailer, you can prevent a filmy residue from forming on your car’s windows.

    Eliminate Unsightly Damage

    Along with leaving a residue on the surface of your windows, removing your window tint on your own could also cause unsightly damage to your car. For example, if you attempt to scrape off your window tint, you could run the risk of placing deep scratches on the surface of your window. At a professional auto detailer, your technicians will have the tools needed to remove your window tint without damaging your car.

    Install New Tint

    If you are planning on replacing your peeling or faded tint with a brand new tinting project, you can save time and money by performing the entire procedure at a single shop. When you bring your car in for a tint removal, your technician may be able to apply a new coat of tint during the same procedure. With fresh tint, your car will look as good as new.

  • Why Cleaning Your Car’s Interior is as Important as Cleaning the Exterior

    During your daily routine, chances are that you spend a significant portion of your day behind the wheel of your car. When your schedule gets busy, the interior of your car can quickly get messy and out of hand. For help keeping your car neat and tidy, you may want to enlist the services of a car wash offering interior car cleaning near Sunnyvale. While every driver on the road will be able to admire the results of your exterior detailing package, you will get to enjoy the benefits of interior car cleaning, every time that you drive. In addition, interior detailing can also help you remove stubborn stains and dirt. With routine auto detailing services, you will also be able to help prevent car messes before they start. Your professional auto detailer will be able to provide you with more information about all of the interior car cleaning services that are available for your vehicle. Cleaning car interior

  • Check Out Our Detail Plus 3 Package!

    A clean car can completely transform your driving experience. While routine cleaning on your own can prevent clutter and dirt, the best way to achieve that new car shine is to schedule auto detailing with a professional auto detailer in Sunnyvale . At Detail Plus, we can provide you with the auto detailing services you need to completely transform your car. For example, our Detail Plus 3 Package offers top tier vehicle detailing services that will completely transform the look and feel of your car. To highlight the benefits of bringing your car to our auto detailing shop, here is a tour of some of the features of the Detail Plus 3 Package. Car interior details

    Complete Exterior Detailing

    The Detail Plus 3 Package will begin with a complete exterior detailing of your car. During our extensive detailing procedure, we will take the time to completely remove any dust, dirt, and debris that have built up on the exterior of your car. Since we will wash your car by hand, you can rest assured that we will leave the exterior of your car with a beautiful new look.

    Thorough Interior Detailing

    Along with cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, we will also take the time to thoroughly clean and detail the interior of your car. Whether your car contains leather, vinyl, or another type of upholstery, we have the materials and experience needed to completely restore the interior condition of your vehicle. We will also shampoo or steam extract your floor mats to provide your car with a fresh new look.

    Trunk or Rear Cargo Cleaning

    The Detail Plus 3 Package does not end with your interior cleaning. As a finishing touch to the procedure, we will also take the time to clean and detail your trunk or rear cargo area. Since the trunk of a car is often neglected during the detailing process, we will work hard to make sure that your trunk becomes fresh and beautiful.