• Avoid These Car Cleaning Mistakes

    When you clean your car, you will want to make sure to avoid some of the most common car cleaning pitfalls in mistakes. This video provides information about some mistakes that car owners make when cleaning their cars. Rather than bringing your car to an automatic car wash, you should always schedule professional car detailing near Sunnyvale . Your car detailing professionals will use the proper materials and methods to clean your car.

    During your detail service, you may also want to ask your technicians about the benefits of engine steam cleaning. When you have your engine cleaned, you can help to preserve the lifespan and performance of your vehicle. Your detailing company can answer any questions that you may have about the best cleaning services to schedule for your car.

  • The Risks of an Oil Leak

    When you bring your car in to get detailed, you may want to inquire about the possibility of scheduling an engine steam cleaning service. During engine steam cleaning , a trained technician will carefully remove dirt, grime, and other residue from your car’s engine. One of the fantastic benefits of scheduling car engine steam cleaning in Sunnyvale is that this service will help you identify whether your vehicle is experiencing an oil leak. Treating an oil leak quickly will help you avoid the dangers of a leaking engine. Read on for an overview of why an oil leak is so dangerous for your vehicle. oil - leak

    Oil Leaks Cause Further Damage

    When your car’s engine is continually leaking oil, you may find that your engine’s interior components wear down more quickly over time. As oil leaks throughout your engine, it can degrade the quality and condition of your belts, hoses, and other engine parts. In order to ensure that your car’s engine remains in peak operating condition for the lifespan of your vehicle, you will want to fix oil leaks right away.

    Oil Leaks Can Create Fire Hazards

    Driving with an engine that leaks oil is very risky. Since oil is highly flammable, an oil leak can cause your engine to ignite unexpectedly. In the event that you experience a car fire, the health and safety of you and your passengers will be placed at great risk. Repairing an oil leak can help you to avoid the dangers of a burning engine.

    Oil Leaks Cause Environmental Harm

    Motor oil is a highly viscous substance that is harmful to the environment. When you drive with a car that is leaking oil, your motor oil will be draining onto the road and into the surrounding areas. Plants, birds, and other forms of wildlife can be drastically harmed when they come into contact with engine oil. To go green while you drive, it is important to fix your leaky engine.

  • Why You Should Remove Your Window Tint

    Window tint is a special product that is used to darken a car’s automotive glass. If you are no longer satisfied with the appearance or quality of your window tint, it may be time to schedule window tint removal with a qualified company. A detailing company that specializes in window tint removal in Sunnyvale will be able to safely and effectively eliminate every trace of window tint from your vehicle. After you have removed your old car window tint, you are sure to be amazed at the fantastic appearance of your car. Let’s explore three great reasons why you should have your window tint removed. window - tinting

    Improve Visibility

    In the event that your window tint makes it difficult for you to see out of your car, you will want to have it removed immediately. Proper visibility is a key factor for safe and effective driving. When window tint is too dark upon installation, it may dramatically affect your ability to see the road ahead. Window tint removal will quickly remedy this issue.

    Remove Bubbles

    When window tint is not properly installed, it will start to bubble on the surface. These air bubbles can spread over time, causing an unsightly mess on your car’s windows. The best way to remove bubbles on your window tint is to have the tint removed entirely. If you decide to have your tint installed again in the future, you will want to bring your car to a window tinting facility that guarantees the quality of its services.

    Avoid Legal Troubles

    Certain states restrict the darkness of car window tint. If your vehicle’s window tint is too dark, law enforcement will not be able to see properly into your vehicle. After you have been pulled over for a window tint violation, you may want to consider having your tint taken off. Removing your window tint will help you to avoid any legal troubles as you are travelling down the road.

  • Does Your Car Have an Offensive Odor?

    When you get behind the wheel of your car, the last thing that you will want to encounter is a foul or musty odor. If you have started to notice that your car has an unpleasant smell, you may want to make an appointment for car detailing in Sunnyvale. Using targeted vehicle steam cleaning services, your technicians will be able to target the cause of your odor at its source.

    There are several common causes for offensive odors in vehicles. Many times, bad vehicle smells are caused by food spills and messes that have been forgotten over time. Additionally, some bad car odors are also caused by pets, tobacco smoke, or bodily fluids. Fortunately, your detailing service will be able to use vehicle steam cleaning to get rid of the offending substance and restore your car’s interior to a fresh and pleasant condition. If you are struggling with bad smells in your car, a car detailing service will be able to assist you.

    car - detailing

  • Tips for Prolonging Your Car’s Life

    Purchasing a car is a major investment for any driver. In this video, you will learn some tips and tricks for helping your car to have the longest lifespan possible. To help your car stay on the road for longer, you will want to set up routine maintenance services at your local mechanic. Additionally, it is very important to check and change your car’s fluid. Engine steam cleaning near Sunnyvale can also help you clean and preserve the engine in your vehicle.

    If you have questions about the benefits of engine steam cleaning, be sure to get in contact with a car detailing service near you. When you take the time to clean your car’s interior and exterior components, you can ensure that it has a long and healthy lifespan.

  • Spotlight on Dent Removal

    You take pride in your appearance, and that goes for your car, too. If you have been in an accident, a fender bender, or you have just noticed an unexplained dent in your car, visit the experts in car detailing in Sunnyvale to have that dent removed. A dent detracts from your car’s appearance, and can affect the way you are perceived in professional and personal interactions. Minor dents on your doors, quarter panels, hood, roof, or trunk can be removed swiftly and easily by the professionals. You can even have the dents removed while your car is being detailed. Dent removal prevents you from having to take your car in to a body shop to have costly and time-consuming work done. Instead, have the dents removed at the same time you are getting other car detailing services like window tint applied or window tint removed on your vehicle. This will save you time and money, and your car will look as good as new when it’s done.

    dent - removal

  • Why a Clean Engine Is Better for Your Car

    You rely on your car to get you from work to your kids’ schools to the store for errands and back home again. Preventive maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running smoothly. In addition to following your manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, consider how engine cleaning in Sunnyvale can benefit your car. A clean engine not only looks better, but can make your car safer. Keep reading to learn why steam cleaning your engine is better for your car. clean - engine

    Better Resale Value

    If you are considering selling your car now or some time in the future, you should take steps to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. People interested in your car will examine every aspect of it, including the condition of the engine. A professional engine cleaning service will make your car’s engine look shiny and new, and may give you the edge over other sellers. Buyers expect your car to be in good aesthetic shape as well as good mechanical shape, so take the step of getting your engine steam cleaned so you can get the most money for your vehicle.

    Longer Lifespan

    Chances are, your car is one of your most valuable investments. Since you rely on this piece of equipment, it only makes sense to do what you can to make sure it has a long lifespan. In addition to maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations, steam cleaning should be on your checklist of maintenance items. Engine cleaning helps remove dirt and gunk that has built up over time and can cause your engine to work harder than it needs to work. Steam cleaning can also help reveal minor issues in your engine so you can get them fixed before they turn into major problems.

    Increased Safety

    Vehicle safety is essential, no matter what kind of car you drive. By having your engine steam cleaned, you can reduce the chances of an engine fire caused by grease and residue. This will keep you safer on the road.

  • Window Tint Regulations in California

    When you spend as much time in your car as many Californians do, it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable and safe while you’re on the road. If you do not have car window tint in Sunnyvale , now is the time to outfit your vehicle to give your eyes a rest from annoying glare and brightness. For drivers who already have tinted windows, it is important to understand what the regulations in California are regarding darkness and reflectiveness. Keep reading to learn about the window tint regulations in California. window - tinting


    Window tints are measured based on visible light transmission, or VLT, which refers to what percentage of light is allowed through your windows. If you are driving a sedan, van, or SUV, you can have a non-reflective tint on the uppermost 4 inches of your windshield to minimize brightness from the sun. The windows in the front have to let at least 70% of light in, but the back and rear windows can be tinted as light or as dark as you want. If your front windows are tinted too dark, you should consider window tint removal to make sure your car is in compliance with the regulations. In California, it is not permitted to use amber, red, or blue tints anywhere on your car’s windows.

    Tint Reflection

    The darkness of the tint is not the only thing that is regulated in California. The reflectiveness of car window tint will also play a role in how much light and heat get into your car. For the front and back side windows on your car, van, or SUV, the tint should be only as reflective as a standard window. Window tints that have a higher reflectivity are not permitted under California law. You may have to remove your tint if it is too reflective, or does not otherwise match the regulations of your state. Remember that these laws are subject to interpretation in your county, so be sure to check with your window tinting shop to make sure you are obeying the law.

  • Keeping Your Engine Clean

    Preventive maintenance such as engine cleaning is key to keeping your vehicle running well for a long time to come. By investing in engine cleaning in Sunnyvale , you’ll help your car be safer for you, your family, and other drivers on the road. Watch this video to learn more about keeping your engine clean.

    When you pop the hood of your car, you may see that leaves and other debris have gathered around the air intake vents. These can cause stuffy air inside of your car, and increase the chances of engine fires. Clean them out with your hands or a vacuum, and try professional engine cleaning to get your engine looking like new.

  • What to Do About Common Car Odors

    Bad odors in your car can create an unpleasant driving experience for you and your passengers. If an air freshener is not powerful enough to remove the smells coming from the inside of your vehicle, it may be time to set up car detailing near Sunnyvale. Using steam cleaning and other car detailing techniques , your detail technicians will be able to address your bad car odors at the source. To help you solve the mystery of what is making your car smell bad, here is a look at what to do about some of the most common car odors. car - odors

    Musty Smells

    Musty smells are often caused by excess moisture and water on the interior of a car. While some musty odors may be caused by spilled liquids, others may be the result of a loose chassis or other mechanical issue. To treat a musty smell in your car, you can apply a very diluted bleach and water solution to the damp area. Water that contains a tiny amount of bleach can eliminate the molecules that are causing the bad odor.

    Rotten Food Odors

    If you and your family members like to eat in the car, it is essential to clean up food messes right away. For parents of young children, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when food has been spilled in the backseat. To eliminate rotten food odors, you will need to find and remove the expired food item. Teaching children proper eating habits in the car can also help to prevent rotten food odors before they start.

    Unusual Burning Smells

    Certain odors require the attention of a car maintenance professional. If you have started to notice unusual burning smells while you drive, your vehicle may have a fluid leak. A mechanic can fix your leak and ensure that fluids are not dripping onto your engine as you are driving. Engines that contain significant amounts of debris or spilled fluids may be eligible for a car engine cleaning service.