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Blog Posts in July, 2017

Protecting Your Car from Hot Weather

The summer sun can have damaging effects on your car’s interior and exterior. In this video, you will learn some essential tips that will help you protect your car from hot weather. Before the ...
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See How Steam Cleaning Can Transform Your Engine

It’s always nice to pop open the hood and see an engine that looks completely pristine, but that’s not the only reason people look into car engine steam cleaning in Sunnyvale. In addition ...
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Why Choose Detail Plus for Paint Touch Ups?

You should always consider your finances when deciding whether to work on the cosmetic appeal of your vehicle. Fortunately, Detail Plus makes the decision-making process easy. If you have been in an ...
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Common Causes of Unpleasant Car Odors

The more time you spend in your car, the more likely you are to deal with some unpleasant odors. Luckily, you can avoid this issue by knowing what to stay away from. If you are responsible with your ...
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