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Spotlight on Car Odor Removal

If you have an odor inside of your vehicle due to smoking, food spills, pets, or something else, it can make driving very unpleasant for you and your passengers. An interior car cleaning might remove the odor, but you should also consider having car odor removal done by an auto detailing company to completely remove the smell. Detail Plus uses a special overnight Ozone treatment to do car odor removal near Sunnyvale.

Ozone is a chemical-free disinfectant that we release into your car in order to remove odors from it. Unlike air fresheners that simply mask odors, Ozone works to eliminate them so that you won’t have to deal with them again in the future. It won’t leave a residue behind, and it’s the perfect thing to have done during your next interior car cleaning. Your car will look and smell fantastic when you climb back into the driver’s seat, and your passengers will appreciate it. When you come to Detail Plus, we will remove odors from your car and complete any other vehicle detailing services that you want done.


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