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Blog Posts in April, 2016

Should You Get Engine Steam Cleaning for Your Vehicle?

There’s no telling what a car might be exposed to when left parked outside for any length of time. Whether it's due to harsh weather, localized infestations, or neighborhood litter, the ...
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What Happens to Headlights over Time

One of the most vital components of auto safety is a fully functioning pair of headlights. Unfortunately, headlights can get dulled, tinted, or damaged in numerous way through repeated exposure to ...
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Spare Tire Care Tips

As with your regular tires, you should check the air in the spare tire. The spare tire is hard to access in SUVs and minivans, which is why every year you should bring your car in for professional car ...
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How to Check Your Tires Before Driving

When you notice a tire going flat, you know that there’s a problem on your hands. The trouble is, a lot of people are unable to tell when a tire is losing air. In many cases, it’s a subtle ...
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